VeraCrypt 1.24

VeraCrypt 1.24

IDRIX - 34.2MB (Freeware)

Version : 1.24

Size : 34.2MB

Date Added : March 22,2020

License : Freeware

Languages : Multi-languages

Publisher : IDRIX

Website :

OS : Windows All

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VeraCrypt is a complimentary disk file encryption software application for Windows. VeraCrypt picks up where TrueCrypt left, and also it includes improved protection to the formulas used for system and dividings file encryption, making it unsusceptible to new growths in brute-force attacks. VeraCrypt also fixes numerous susceptibilities and protection concerns found in TrueCrypt. It can pack TrueCrypt quantity as well as it offers the possibility to convert TrueCrypt containers as well as non-system dividers to VeraCrypt layout.

It adds improved protection to the formulas made use of for system and dividers file encryption making it immune to new advancements in brute-force assaults. It also fixes lots of susceptibilities and even safety concerns located in TrueCrypt. As an example, when the system dividing is encrypted, TrueCrypt uses PBKDF2-RIPEMD160 with 1000 versions, whereas in VeraCrypt, we utilize 327661. And for typical containers and also various other partitions, TrueCrypt uses at most 2000 iterations, yet VeraCrypt utilizes 655331 for RIPEMD160 as well as 500000 versions for SHA-2 and also Whirlpool.

This enhanced safety and security add some hold-up only to the opening of encrypted dividers without any performance influence on the application use stage. This is acceptable to the genuine proprietor; however, it makes it much harder for an aggressor to get to the encrypted data.

VeraCrypt storage space layout is Inappropriate with TrueCrypt storage style.

What’s New:

All OSs

  • Execute “Dynamic Setting” by supporting Personal Versions Multiplier (PIM). See documents to learn more.


  • Fix installer issue under KDE when xterm not available
  • Deal with cautions on about/LegalNotice dialogues when wxWidgets linked dynamically (N/A for official binary).
  • Support hash names with ‘-‘ in command line (sha-256, sha-512 as well as ripemd-160).
  • Eliminate “– current-hash” button as well as add “– new-hash” to be a lot more coherent with existing buttons.
  • When just key file specified in the command line, don’t try to place utilizing an empty password.


  • Spot Boot Loader tampering (” Wickedness Maid” attacks) for system security and propose recuperation choices.
  • Fix buffer overrun issue and also other memory associated pests when parsing language XML files.
  • Fix mistakenly reported weak fields by chkdsk triggered by an insect in IOCTL_DISK_VERIFY handling.
  • Take care of privacy problem triggered by configuration and also background data being updated whenever VeraCrypt is used (reported by Liran Elharar).
  • Deal with system favourites not always installing after chilly begin.
  • Solve installer mistake when upgrading VeraCrypt on Windows 10.
  • Execute decryption of non-system partition/drive.
  • Consist of 64-bit exe documents in the installer and deploy them on 64-bit equipment for far better performances.
  • Permit making use of drive letters A: as well as B: for placing quantities.
  • Make command line argument analyzing more rigorous as well as robust (e.g./ LZ turned down, need to be/ l z).
  • Include the opportunity to show system security password in Windows GUI as well as bootloader.
  • Address “Course Already exists” mistake that was occurring for some users.
  • Resolve some menu things and also GUI areas not translatable.
  • Make quantities appropriately report Physical Field size to Windows.
  • Accurately find button user/RDP detach procedures for auto dismount on session secured.
  • Add a hand-operated option of dividing when resuming in-place security.
  • Include command-line alternative (/ cache f) to cache password throughout favourites placing briefly.
  • Include waiting for dialogue for Auto-Mount Devices procedures to prevent freezing GUI.
  • Include additional details to presented the mistake message to help evaluate reported issues.
  • Disable food selection entry for changing system file encryption PRF because it’s not yet implemented.
  • Take care of failure to change the password when UAC needed (acquired from TrueCrypt).
  • Small repairs and also modifications (see Git history for even more information).