ProXPN 2.5.2

ProXPN 2.5.2

proXPN - 2.8MB (Freeware)

Version : 2.5.2

Size : 2.8MB

Date Added : March 25,2020

License : Freeware

Languages : English

Publisher : proXPN

Website :

OS : Windows XP/ 2003/ Vista/ Server 2008/ Windows 7

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ProXPN is an individual VPN that gives you security and also personal privacy while using the Net. proXPN is an easy to use solution that safeguards your internet link versus eavesdropping, conceals your location, as well as permits you to access your favourite websites no matter where you live or take a trip to. proXPN is a global VPN (virtual exclusive network) that develops a protected, encrypted passage where all of your online information passes back and forth. Any type of application that needs an internet link works with proXPN – including your internet browser, e-mail customer, as well as an instant messaging program – maintaining whatever you do online concealed from spying eyes while masking your physical location and giving you unfettered access to any web site or internet service no matter where you take place to live or travel to.

What is a VPN

A VPN (a digital exclusive network) is a network that can use the net to supply secure connections between several devices for data exchange. A VPN can open up a protected affiliation or “tunnel” between different gadgets as well as the data that passes through the passage can be secured as a technique of security to make sure that the data passing through the tunnel can not read. Usually, VPNs are used to connect a business’s main office with its satellite workplaces or its area representatives. In many cases, people choose to link their personal devices to a VPN company to safeguard their own connections (with the very same type of tunneling and also encryption) to the basic internet, maintaining their banking information, credit card numbers, passwords, and also other sensitive information from being intercepted, kept an eye on or tape-recorded. This type of VPN arrangement likewise manages the individual an anonymous IP (web procedure) address.


  • Military-grade high-bit encryption.
  • Your internet connection is cryptographically secured from prying eyes.

  • Your private information stays private.
  • Secure connection to all websites and services, from Facebook to online banking.
  • Email cannot be viewed in transit through the proXPN network.
  • Instant messaging chats cannot be intercepted via the proXPN network.
  • Internet activity (web browsing, online applications, etc) cannot be tracked by your ISP.
  • ProXPN’s public IPs ensure that your real IP is hidden and impossible to uncover.
Ease of Use:
  • Quick installation and setup on your computer.
  • The user-friendly application keeps you in control.
Performance & Technology:
  • Proven VPN technology standards.
  • VPN connection tunnels all of your traffic through an encrypted connection through VPN servers, then out to the internet.
  • Our VPN servers offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee.
  • Connect from anywhere securely and safely.
  • Works with iPhone, iPod Touch, and Windows Mobile.