K-Meleon 75.1

K-Meleon 75.1

K-Meleon - 25.3MB (Open-Source)

Version : 75.1

Size : 25.3MB

Date Added : March 31,2020

License : Open-Source

Languages : Multi-languages

Publisher : K-Meleon

Website : kmeleonbrowser.org

OS : Windows XP/ Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8

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K-Meleon is a simple, quick, efficient Windows web browser that enables the user to manage its appearance as well as capability.

Choose Your Preferred Bookmarking System

K-Meleon is the only browser that permits you to utilize your existing Net Explorer Favorites or Opera Hotlist instead of or together with Netscape/Mozilla’s Bookmarks system.

” Tabbed” Surfing

K-Meleon uses a hassle-free method to take care of the many websites you might see during a surfing session. Frequently known as “tabbed” searching, this function allows you to maintain multiple sites open simultaneously, browsing conveniently between them by clicking on each web page’s “tab” situated beside the others on a different toolbar within the internet browser. This can be somewhat helpful when doing considerable web search as it eliminates the need to go back or forward continuously to find a previously watched web page. If you wish to have various other applications running, this feature will provide a less chaotic Windows job bar.

Mouse Motions

Presented and promoted by Opera, mouse motions are currently a usual staple amongst alternative internet browsers. With the mouse motions plugin, K-Meleon provides a quick, simple means to browse the web by right-clicking on a page while sliding your mouse left or right to return or onward. Like all of K-Meleon’s other attributes, the computer mouse gestures plugin is exceptionally adjustable as well as permits initiation of almost all commands and also macros.

Complete Toolbar, Food Selection, Context Food Selection, & Keyboard Shortcut Personalization

Among the defining features of K-Meleon is its essential customer customization function. You can easily revamp your major food selection and context menus by removing or adding the items of your option, gain access to any kind of function from your toolbar or appoint any kind of key-board faster way to any kind of function. There is no need to extract and put together container files or download various expansions which may add various other unwanted products to a preferred feature.

Block Popup Windows

A threat of surfing the internet is the annoying popup home window ad. K-Meleon comes outfitted with a Popup Blocking function that obstructs these popups and additionally enables you to enable popups at a particular site promptly.

Version 75.1

  • Update to Gecko 31.8
  • Chg: moved bmpmenu into core, plugin bmpmenu now is only used for compatibility with older skins using menuicons.cfg
  • Chg: using gecko favicon cache
  • Chg: improved autocomplete result display
  • Add: allow function declaration in macros
  • Add: macro function date(format[, time]).
  • Add: macro function download(url, path[, function]).
  • Add: kmeleon.display.urlbar_fontsize (multiplier, default is 1)
  • Add: "copy link text" in context menu.
  • Add: "URLBar" menu to customize the context menu of the url bar.
  • Fix: various minor memory leaks
  • Fix: losing sessions when disk full
  • Fix: last session could stop being saved after a while
  • Fix: video/animation staying still when switching tab