CryptImage 1.01

CryptImage 1.01

StonedEmu - 9.32MB (Freeware)

Version : 1.01

Size : 9.32MB

Date Added : March 24,2020

License : Freeware

Languages : English

Publisher : StonedEmu

Website :

OS : Windows XP 64/ Vista 64/ Windows 7 64

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CryptImage is a complimentary message file encryption software which you can use to shop as well as secure messages inside your image and pictures. The objective is to maintain just the sender as well as recipient privy to the data. CryptImage is an application which safely stores messages (8 little bit ANSI text) in the discrete shade data of images. Photos with encrypted information can then be sent out by means of email or some other means to the person that needs to obtain delicate info included within them. The recipient additionally requires to have CryptImage in order to decrypt and draw out information from the picture data.

The CryptImage is undoubtedly an application which safely stores messages (8 little bit ANSI message) while in the discrete colour data of photos. Images with encrypted data can after that be sent through electronic mail or a few other approaches to the person who needs to get fragile info and truths consisted of within them. The recipient additionally really require to have CryptImage to ensure that you can decrypt as well as extract information with the picture files.

The picture encryption/decryption procedure defined right here is going to be “sufficient” for many enterprise applications, however, would certainly not be comparable to methods made use of by the U.S. Government’s National Defense Business. There are numerous means to raise the security treatment utilized right here.

One easy technique to encrypt a string of personality data or binary details is always to kinda “random” string of little bits offered that the special “message,” as well as “special or” (XOR) this arbitrary string of little bits with all the initial message to give an “encrypted message.” In case the receiver in the message recognizes means to kind precisely the same “arbitrary” string of little bits, a second “exclusive or” of the random string of little bits together with the encrypted message will certainly decrypt the message.

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A pseudo-random number generator may be made use of to calculate “arbitrary” numbers. In case the very same “seed” is utilised having an arbitrary quantity generator for each encryption and decryption procedures, precisely the exact same “arbitrary” series may be created. Only the “seed” needs to be connected if both senders, as well as the receiver, are using the exact same arbitrary quantity generator.

Borland’s Internet Assistance Note:” Since the execution from the Random performs may well alter in between compiler versions, we don’t advise using Random for security or other functions that call for reproducible sequences of pseudo-random numbers.”

CryptImage is an application which securely stores messages (eight-bit ANSI message) within the distinct colour data of pictures. Images with encrypted data can then be sent by way of email or some other approach to the individual that requires to obtain delicate information consisted of within them. The recipient also truly require to have CryptImage in an initiative to decrypt and draw out information aware documents.